Toasts with French ratatouille & Bayonne ham – Duprais Bordeaux red

duprais_rouge_recette_3 duprais_rouge_recette_2

A  “brasserie” meal  with red Duprais:

For 4 peoples:

1 campaign or Tradition baguette

4 Bayonne ham slices



A homemade ratatouille, mixed.

2 courgettes

1 shallot

3 tomatoes

pepper 1/2

1 garlic clove

Herbs de Provence

For the ratatouille:

First heat shallot finely chopped, then garlic and pepper in olive oil. Then add the remaining vegetables and 1 tablespoon of water if necessary.

Cook covered for about thirty minutes. Then mix.

Toast the baguette cut in the oven or toaster. Then drop the mixed ratatouille, a half-slice of ham on each slice and gruyere.

Grill  for ten minutes in the oven.

Serve with green salad!

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